KI  Homes and Company LTD-Hill Top

Estate owned facilities:
– Water system
– Recreational area
– Estate office & building
– Security office
– Luxurious gatehouse

Projected facilities (Available for clients to develop):
– Super marts
– Hospital/pharmacy
– Cooperate office building
( _Note: Properties to develop the above facilities in our estate are available in commercial plots making it easier for our clients to connect with customers outside the estate boundaries)_

*Other Features of our estates in Epe includes: *
– Well paved road network
– 24/7 security
– Street lights
– Green landscaping
– Eco friendly
– Proper drained system

Erosion control system
– Proper property documentations
– Perimeter fencing
– Pedestrian walkways

Our eco friendly goal:
– No bush burning
– Reduced noise pollution policy
– Proper recycling policy
– Promote tree planting and maintained grass
– preserving non-wild animals
– Promote reusable energy e.g solar power

KI  Homes and Company LTD-Hill TopKI  Homes and Company LTD-Hill Top

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